Sports played at Redwood Indoor Sports Centre Christchurch

Redwood Indoor Sports Stadium is a social sports centre where friends, relatives, workmates and families can play enjoying the convenience of being indoor.


Indoor football is a variation of outdoor football which showcases unique skills in this high energy, fast moving game. An exciting fun easy game that helps teamwork through running, passing and ball skills played inside nets.


Indoor Netball is a fun, faster pace variation to outdoor netball. Played inside a netted court that provides exciting games filled with great skill. Designed to improve fitness where everyone can be involved and be part of the fast and furious game that is Indoor Netball.


Indoor cricket is a variation to outdoor cricket but many basic concepts of running, hitting, fielding and throwing are the backbone of the game. Played on a full length pitch inside nets, which allows for high scoring excitement with no delays. Great entertainment for all players and spectators.


Indoor Football / Indoor Netball / Indoor Cricket

Junior Sports is a great way get your children to regularly participate in physical activity.  Being part of a sport team provides many social benefits but it also means that you are much more likely to regularly commit to training and game days as your team depends on you!


Dodgeball is a great game to help fitness while having fun with your friends and during this excitement it will get the adrenalin pumping. No difficult skillset required, just throwing and dodging…

Dodge Duck Dip Dodge !


School sports programmes are a great way get your children to regularly participate in physical activity.  It provides both the physical benefits of organised sport as well as the many other benefits such as learning about fair play, respect and teamwork.
We will also find ways to make sure your child’s experiences are enjoyable and fun. Activities promote healthy active lifestyle with safe games structured to help children improve skills while still taking part in fun exciting programmes.

We hope you accept the challenge and enter your team at Redwood indoor sports centre today!